​He overcame!

He spoke a word of victory over me, 

He promised that if I endure,                   

Then my head will hold the victor’s crown. 

Because a Victor is my new name!                       

See, I’ll never hold back,                                       

I’ll keep on fighting the good fight.           

My head will be held high,                             

And His name will be glorified,             

Through the valleys and the mountains!       

See, He also won the battle for me,               

And He overcame!

My life is a gift from Him.                           

From Him who sits high above the skies,     

And His eyes never sleeps nor slumbers,       

Because He watches over me!                     

His hands are always crafted around me,     

Ready to comfort my soul,                                     

Yes, He is my protector.                                       

He said to me that I,                                                    

I should have peace.                                                 

He also said that I should take heart,   

Because the world through Him,     

He overcame!

So, let his blessings overflow,                       

Let Him be praised through the day, 

And overnight.                                                           

Let the whole nation say that He,                   

He is Lord!                                                           

Because, my heart will be still.                     

He will feed me with green pastures,         

And his drink I will never thirst.           

Because his word, is the living sword, 

And through it, we’ll overcome!


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